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Spacers, Inc.
Specialist in foam Chaplets and Core Supports

Spacers began in 1978 in an attempt to find a replacement for metal chaplets in the production of grey iron water-jacket manifolds for the marine industry. While this proved to be premature it was found they could be successfully used in the aluminum industry making parts such as intake manifolds and other aluminum parts.

In 1995 the company was reorganized and moved from Toledo, Ohio to its present location in Lexington, Virginia. One of the original owners is still active as an officer of the company.

The company produces chaplets, chills and core supports as its only products. In doing so, Spacers has been able to concentrate on producing the very highest quality product from the best available materials.

Spacers now produces chaplets from different densities of foam for many types of metals and foundries.
"Spacers Chaplets Not Just for Aluminum Foundries Any More"

For further information or to place an order please contact us at;

Phone: 800-745-9997