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Spacers, Inc.
Specialist in foam Chaplets and Core Supports


In the beginning, foam chaplets were made of 1# density foam and used primarily in aluminum foundries.  In recent years the uses have expanded with the introduction of 2# and 3# density foam.  They are now produced loose or self-adhesive and are color coded for thickness.

Aluminum foundries continue to be the largest users of foam chaplets.  However, ferrous foundries are finding more and more applications.

Foam chaplets are being used in pipe foundries in the production of fittings.  They are being used in the drag of a mold to support a large core to improve the appearance of the finished product.  The chaplets are being used in core assembly where support is not needed during pouring.  They can also be used on molding lines to prevent core shift during movement on the line.

Core producing companies are also using our spacers as core supports during shipping to eliminate core breakage.

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